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Oh the suns shine bright on my Ophiuchi home… Welcome to New Atlantis, giving a fresh slant to the term, “Home of the Blues”.  Where the indigenous population is warm ( two suns will do that ) and friendly. And the sheep are – well, some of the darndest things you’ve ever seen in your life. However, they do grill up right nice – try the sauce. Just don’t refer to the locals as “featherbrains”, ’cause they get kinda bent about that.  While our star weathergrrl is mapping out the expectations for an upcoming balmy week, we can be sure that – weather you like it or not, a binary system such as this one may some day be a pretty appealing alternative to our own increasingly sweltering greenhouse.

This Illustrator composition was a piece I prepared for an educational media project a while back. As it was part of a segment that ultimately made it to the cutting room floor, it seemed fitting that it find a home here in the NG gallery of vector madness.  I hope you enjoyed viewing it as much as I did making it.


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