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Pardon the dust… My site is under construction right now.

Check back in a few weeks when things are up to par.

Thanks, Dave Nash –


from Austin –

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you find some content worthy of your interest. The site is comprised of stuff for fun and learning, with a few bits from the contract work I completed while serving two terms of work-at-home dad.

These days I have a rewarding role developing eLearning Courses for a government agency. I also contnue exploring, experimenting and expanding my skill set while creating new art to keep my Mom and hopefully a few others happy in the process. Please enjoy your visit.

Galleries –

Vector Graphics –

If you hanker for clean lines and toonish treatments, this may be your haven. Much of the content is courtesy of Adobe Illustrator, with a smathering of Flash exports from hither and yonder. As I don’t claim to be a purist, you may well find a raster import or two along the way. Sometimes a piece just needs a little Photoshop love. Steer thru the bezier curves as you take in the points of interest along the way, and bon voyage.

Raster Graphics –

Here’s where the humble pixel earns its keep. From posters and cd’s to newsletter assets and many things in between. A quasi-copius mix of visual tidbits to stir the heart a-flutter… Think that was too much?

Animations –

The lotion for the motion comes mainly from the ocean. That axiom may be a bit oversimplified. But a peek inside should reveal a few 2-D & 3-D shorts for you to – “sea”.

No extra charge for the puns here, folks! Just a little service we provide.

Odds n Ends –

As the title implies, a portal for things not like the others. Stoke your lamp and gather your staff while you venture into this Realm of the Misfit.