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Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I’m guessing you were either brought here on the wings of sheer boredom – or you’re my Mom. Whatever the reason, come on in, make yourself comfy and enjoy the show. For those about to browse, I appreciate you!

Enjoy your stay, and thanks for visiting.

Regards, Dave Nash –


from Austin –

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you find some content worthy of your interest. The site is comprised of stuff for fun and learning, with a few bits from the contract work I completed while serving two terms of work-at-home dad.

These days I have a rewarding role developing eLearning Courses for a government agency. I also continue exploring, experimenting and expanding my skill set while creating new art to keep my Mom and hopefully a few others happy in the process. Feel free to wander.

Galleries –

Vector Graphics –

If you hanker for clean lines and toonish treatments, this may be your haven. Much of the content is courtesy of Adobe Illustrator, with a bit of  Photoshop vector art folded in from hither and yonder. Steer thru the bezier curves as you take in the points of interest along the way, and bon voyage.

Raster Graphics –

Here’s where the humble pixel earns its keep. From posters and cd’s to newsletter assets and many things in between. A quasi-copius mix of visual tidbits to stir the heart a-flutter… Think that was too much?

Animations –

When its time for content to get a move on, the sums of those adventures claim this space as their ground zero. Home to all things moovy-groovy in the NG universe, the impact of their actions will hopefully bring a smile, or at least keep folks from dozing off.

Odds n Ends –

As the title implies, a portal for things not like the others. Stoke your lamp and gather your staff, while you venture into this Realm of the Misfit.