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Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Dawn – the perceived love-child of James Brown and Supergirl. No doubt in my mind, the hardest working woman in yo’ business – if you were ever lucky enough to procure her services. Mastress of bringing a solid kick-in-the pants to any professional endeavor, her womanly Midas touch was sure to make a success of your Success. The Illustrator composition depicted here graced the footer of her newsletters, depicting her at her morning best. Red hair aglow, Blackberry in hand – while emerging from her schmancy ride, which I can assure you wasn’t paid for with tips from waiting tables.

Alas, she met her fate at the crux of the “economic downturn” when trivialities such as team-building and strategic planning were all but laid to rest. Ever true to her name, she found renewed life in a new day assuming a critical role in a presently undisclosed location, serving a major corporate entity.  The happy ending here is that here present car is even cooler than this one.


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