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Presenting, another entry in the NG “Mechanic Series – (see previous post – Alpine Away For You)”. In a UPA meets Tex Avery style-crash, our armed assailant is being taunted by his prospective mammalian quarry, with the calm of a spring day as the backdrop.

Not much to say for the source of inspiration on this one. The best I can attribute it to was an extended doodle – in an effort to create some distraction for myself while the Youngblood’s Automotive crew wrenched some new exhaust components on to the Fam-Van. Knowing that they would be swift in their actions, I opted to keep the content light as to walk away with as complete a piece as possible by the end of the episode. To my recollection, both parties were fairly synchronous in the termination of their endeavors. And the piece posted here is the result of my now being able to meet the state’s required vehicle emission standards. I guess you’d call it a Wind – Win situation.


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