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Greetings all – and welcome to the maiden post of the Nashional Graphics Blogosphere. Actually, I’m thinking that as it will be a constantly coalescing and dynamic environment, that “Blogoverse” may be the better term. So we’re going with it. Having said that…Welcome one and all to the NG Blogoverse!!!

The focus of which will include blurbs of graphic geek stuff of assorted scope, depth, and even possible interest. Such as newsworthy finds, handy tutorials, links to spiffy resources – up to and including the occasional freebie! Also of note will be here and nether links to other, more rockstar worthy artists in hopes of invoking envy, jealousy, and perhaps even inspiration. And of course a generous slathering of graphics and animation stuffs by yours truly, which is really kind of the point .

Be forewarned however – You will find a frequent use of my own butchering of our beloved English language here, attempting to pose as a valid excuse for a proprietary vernacular. So if your prosial leanings are in the “Grammar Nazi” direction – prepare to be heavily, heavily offended. Also know that I get some sort of perverse sadistic kick out of torturing the Spell Check feature.  Beyond that, I’ll try to keep most things truly offensive to as bare a minimum as possible, because with almost concrete certainty – my two daughters will be warping thru the Blogoverse with regular frequency.  And as it has been in the past, so will many of their neighbor friends. (They like to tell me I’m “big in the hood”.) While ranking cred with the middle-school set isn’t necessarily the target demographic, fans are always good – and welcome. And as I would prefer to not be the guest of honor at any upcoming local lynchings, I’ll be doing my best to keep the extreme raunch in check – at least to a degree, which is not to say that you have entered any bastion of overt socio-political correctness.  There will be potty humor o’ plenny! Oh yes, ohhh plenny. So grab yourself a big ol’ handful of virtual Charmin, and dive on in to the viscous goo that is my world.

If by chance you have drilled down this far into my sorted little corner of the internet, you either have way too much time on your hands, or you’re my Mom. Either way, it is again nice to have fans.  To summarize, I hope you enjoy the show – and thanks for taking the time to have a look around. Please feel free to leave a comment here or there that is reasonably considerate of others – or I’ll have to torch it, in which case – You’ll be wasting more time than you are right now.  Cowabunga, and good surfing -Dave.

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