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Greetings All – I hope the new year finds you well, and you each had some enjoyable holiday time to spend with friends and loved-ones. I thought I’d get the new year kicked off with a link to some free (and paid) stuff. All of it pretty handy. offers a plethora of graphics goodness, sure to warm the hearts of all those Creative. They offer a Free Goods section for those who care to test the waters. It’s updated weekly, so be sure to add a momentary visit to your calendar to keep up with current offerings. Whatever you download there is free, but the vendors that offer their products there consider it a source of advertising and would appreciate a “follow” for their efforts. As such, you will receive an email to request such after each download. A small price for their quality offerings, but I didn’t want you to be taken by surprise. Enjoy the browse, and the rest of your year.

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