Okay, I know that my local contemporaries will be quick to hate on my having shifted the Earth’s axis to accommodate the preferred light source in my backdrop.  I could have just claimed it as the glowing din of some frat house rave. But hey, what’s a few degrees among friends? I’m writing it off to just a wee bit of artistic license. Said license similarly including but not limited to – a sudden drop in weight and all around physical buffing of the musicianal subjects, especially yours truly, my indiscriminate use of ancillary light sources, and we’ll lob on a liberal dose of re-defining our planet’s curvature, just for good measure.

This piece is a little nod to the Saturday mornings of my childhood with a smather of Austin lore.  And yes, we kept the Mystery Machine parked just out of frame to avoid any legal entanglements. I’ll simply say thanks to Mr. Hanna and Mr. Barbera for the inspiration and the opportunity to immortalize some fine local entertainers in cartoon form. Stay tuned for further adventures.

Just in case you want to see our mugs in human form, here’s a pic I used for inspiration.

Image of members of Able Company Band