Every now and then, even the world’s stalwarts of tradition like houses of worship can use a bit of spiffy-fying on the brand side. So they came to me for some spiff ‘n polish. After a bit of research on the history and intricacies of Celtic Crosses, I was able to conjure up the imagery you see before you. The color-y insert you see there in the Header Text is acutally a rendering of the large window at the back of the sanctuary. I take credit only for the rendering. The original window design was created by Joan Salvant, one of the church’s founding members. The window has served as the Church’s hallmark for some time. I thought it only fitting that it should anchor their website graphics as well. The staff was evidently pleased with the result, and now their website has some some new adornment. Not nearly worthy of the Big Guy…But it’s at least keeping the locals happy. Hope you enjoy.