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This is a Galaxian-style flash video game that was originally going to sport a “retro-space” theme titled “Dung Dodger In The 24th And A Half Century”. But in an effort to avoid any possible conundrums with the ample legal staff at Warner Brothers, I took a left turn at Albuquerque and opted  for the “Redneck With A Shotgun Saves The World” format.  It just gave the whole thing a more personable setting that I felt was somehow comforting.

I tried to keep it pretty straightforward. A little bit of aimin’ and a whole lotta killin’. Do it right – survive and win. Do it wrong – pooh on you! I like to say this game is a lot like life. You gotta move fast and try not to get shat upon.  So click the link below, belly up to the start button and give the ol’ adrenaline a stir.  Only the fate of a whole species rests on your shoulders.  Not to say there’s any pressure – just relax and enjoy yourself.  And keep a cold one handy. It may become the spoils of your victory.

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