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Do you find yourself in search of the deepest secrets of Life, the Universe, and Everything? Don’t settle for some low-dig numeric pacification. Consult a genuine oracle and get the straight dope. Then divide and conquer your adversaries as they are driven before you.

Okay – perhaps a bit grandiose for our current needs. But hopefully you will discover within, a panacea for a wide variety of technical issues pertaining to non-technical staff. As long as your needs fall within the generous scope of the NG knowledge base (ie: the generic query as depicted), you will find yourself armed with the power to move mountains (of bovine fecal matter), impress you friends, and generally keep yourself out of hot water. At least until you put your foot in it again.  In which case, NG support is available 24/7 to guide you toward the path of righteousness.

Just a little service we provide here at NG.



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