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She’s sexy sleek and 100% pure Italiana.  And unlike her warm-blooded counterpart, this little water-cooled hunny tops out at 80 mph & gets 65 miles to the gallon! Which is not to say that the warm-blooded version isn’t speedy in her own right. Certainly the tiny wasp…tattooed on the back of her neck would indicate otherwise. (BTW – She had hers first!) But you would be charged with making that determination on an individual basis, as I’m certain that – results would vary. Take that, Charlie Sheen.

Where handling and dependability are concerned, the Vespa (Which in Italian means wasp – a humble insect of formidable influence) – flies like a butterfly and hums like a bee, and with that, I’ll take a passive stance and forgo any further comparisons. Suffice to say, it’s a sweet ride.


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  1. 6-14-2012

    Dave you are very talented, Keep up the good work, and keep me posted.

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