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The Rush Job

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One of the terrific resources we have here in Austin is a very active “Meetup” community.  provides hosting of accounts featuring time, location, and content info for groups that regularly meet up at various locations in the area. These groups focus on a variety of subjects of interest to those in attendance. Many of these groups focus on technical subjects such as application development or graphic design. It’s a great way to meet and greet folks in your industry, as well as a learning opportunity for much of the continually emerging information so common to the technical community.

I found myself in attendance at one of these meetups on a fortunate evening when the group’s moderator made mention of the fact that he was in need of someone to crank out about a four-minute piece of animated media with a very tight deadline for his company’s upcoming social event. This was on a Thursday night. He mentioned that he needed it in time  for the event on the coming Tuesday night. I decided that I didn’t have enough chaos in my life,  and more importantly – not enough cash in the bank. So I left him my card and invited him to contact me if he wanted to move forward on the project.

By the next day’s end, I had completed the contract docs, downloaded the script and available assets – and was flash-slinging as hard and fast as I could move. That pace continued over the entire (Super Bowl) weekend – and I had a rough deliverable by Monday morning.  I knocked down a few revisions during the rest of the day – and by nightfall had shipped out a final copy for upper management’s approval.

The next night they rolled it out for the vendors and team members in attendance. It made a fair sized splash, and netted quite a few smiling faces, including those of the Franklins – as I dropped them lovingly into the deposit slot.

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