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While I do in fact concur that this image begs for some expounding on the Girls Wanting to Have Fun tangent, I’m going to accept the challenge of side-stepping that somewhat tromped on path in favor of some copy that, while perhaps not forthcoming of any profound creative content – will at least be capable of holding your attention long enough for you to be mildly entertained.

Submitted for your interest and observation is one RckrGrrl – en pose’. A decibel queen of amplified proportions,  she lives to sonically assault the defenseless auricles of an unsuspecting populace with seemingly endless watts of warm, tube-driven distortion, fuzz, and harmonic sustain. The bane of every neighbor from here to Kalamazoo, this species will challenge the hearing and tolerance of every soul in a block-wide swath of otherwise placid urban domestica. Her many hours of endeavor bringing her ever closer to her rckn-roll destiny, as somewhere a stage is calling her name. Unfortunately, 3 houses down – somebody just called the cops. The beat goes on.

This image is an excerpt from a party invitation I created. It is a composite rendering of a variety of raster (photo) images. The elements are layered together (with a sprinkling of exaggerated perspective) and shaded, light leveled, and shadowed to produce an overall (If I did my job well…) uniform effect.

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