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When your space starts to look like the final frontier, call the experts at Jim T. & Me. We’ll get your lot trimmed and brush cleared at warp speed, captain! Because we boldly mow where no man where no man had lawn before! And if that’s not enough Trekkie jive to curl the hair on your green Orion toes, you may have already had a bit too much Romulan Ale. My Trek references may garner a few wayward groans in the reader base, but just know that dropping puns at this level is practically no tribble at all.

This biz card layout was posted in an earlier version of my portfolio. After removing it during an upgrade, I got a couple of notes requesting it’s return. So here it is – back by popular demand for my throngs of clamoring fans… both of them.  As long as they promise – to take those darn ears off before they step out into public view.  Live long and prosper,  guys.

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