I employ a wide range of applications, tools, plugins, and graphic goodies in my creative arsenal. Critical in this pursuit are included, but not limited to Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, and Flash (a personal fave). Premier and After Effects provide a navigable path through the video jungle with a bit of comprssion help from Sorenson Squeeze. Audio applications such as Krystal and Audacity are always good for putting a shine on the noisy bits. On the occasions when my X and Y axis require a Z component, I turn to my trusty 3-D Studio Max. And when I need a concise wrap-up of the big picture, Tech Smith’s Camtasia is there to corral the herd. Smaller players include Quick Time Pro’s ability to take some vid output to the web on short notice, and FileZilla moves those FTP bits by the armload to their appointed destination faster than Two College Men on steroids.  I guess I should also state the obvious here and make mention of our gracious manager of content, WordPress. I could probably go on a bit, but I’d imagine you’re putting most of the ancillary pieces in order at about this point. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’ve typed out enough here to fill my front page blurb space.